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Thread: Erasing Jailbroken App Info Saved in Other on New iPad

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    Default Erasing Jailbroken App Info Saved in Other on New iPad
    I've got a bit of a problem I was hoping someone here might have some experience with. I tried the site of the app itself but they've been no help. I use an app called Comic Reader Mobi for reading cbr and cbz files on my iPad. They were kicked out of the Apple Store for whatever reason, thus the app became only usable through jailbreaking. Since I paid for the app I kept using it when the iPad 1 and then iPad 2 were jailbroken. Now, this app apparently saves all the comic files you sync to it in the OTHER section of your capacity grid in iTunes. When I got rid of my iPad 2 I backed it up with all my jailbreak data including the comic files from the app and all my usual stuff. Of course when I synced up my iPad 3 it didn't install the app itself, but it still synced up like 25 gigs worth of comics files I had on my old iPad. All files I can't access. I decided, despite however soon we might have a jailbreak, that it was time to just go with a different app that wouldn't give me problems like this, so I downloaded Comic Zeal. Now the problem is how the hell I get this 25 gigs of data off the iPad so I can then resync them to Comic Zeal? I can't see anything short of completely restoring, and even if I do that the backup will still have all the same files still. So anyone know what I can do here? Do I have to just wait until there's a jailbreak so I can access the app and get rid of it and all it's data for good?

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    Don't you have the Comic app on your computer still, or did you delete it? You can try iExplorer, just google iExplorer iPhone. You may be able to pull the comics off of the iPad. Worst case scenario you could just restore and setup as a new iPad.
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    The App is still on my computer. Thanks for introducing me to iExplorer as it'll probably be helpful for other stuff, but I can't find whatever place the comics are in in either the Apps or Media folder. It's just not there. Man, I really don't want to have to restore and setup as a new iPad, but I guess if that's the only option.

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