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Thread: Help needed IOS 5.0.1 iPad 2 lost cydia and all packages

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    Default Help needed IOS 5.0.1 iPad 2 lost cydia and all packages
    Hey Guys,

    just the other night I was having some problems with some tweaks that I downloaded in cydia. In order to fix this, I decided to go ahead and delete all of my packages, effectively sort of starting from scratch. In order to do this as quickly as I could I decided to add all the packages that I wanted to uninstall to a queue so that I could uninstall them all at once instead of having to repeatedly uninstall and respring every time I uninstalled a package. While doing this I accidentally selected cydia installer and accidentally removed that, I did not realize this until after I had already done it and I had no choice but to reboot my device.

    My question now is do I have any options available that would enable me to get cydia back on my device? This is what I have tried to do so far. I have tried to re-run absinthe in an effort to get cydia reinstalled, but I receive the error message device already jail broken stash detected when trying to do so. I have also tried to drop the cydia.deb file into my cydia/autoinstall folder using I – fun box, knowing that it was a long shot and that it most likely would not work. As it turns out I was correct it did not auto install the file upon reboot. The final thing I tried to do was take the folder and drag it into the proper place within I fun box. This did in fact allow me to see the cydia icon on my home screen however, as I expected, it did not launch. I suspect that this is because I was unable to set proper permissions prior to trying to launch the program.

    So once again my question is is there anything I can do to get cydia back on my device, or am I just going to have to wait for a 5.1 jailbreak on the iPad 2? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you so much.
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    AFAIK, there is no way to get Cydia back on an iDevice without restoring and jailbreaking. I do not know why Cydia allows itself to be uninstalled so easily. Since so many jailbreakers are not necessarily power users, they may think that uninstalling Cydia is no big deal, that they can just reinstall it. Sorry mate, you will have to wait for a 5.1 jailbreak. For future reference, never uninstall Cydia, even if you want to "remove" the jailbreak. The only way to remove a jailbreak is to DFU restore to whichever firmware Apple is signing, or if you have an A4 device or lower, a firmware you have SHSH blobs for or a pre-signed firmware file. At this time, there is not much you can do. I'd say to update to 5.1, since that is most likely what the next jailbreak will be for.
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