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Thread: There is hope yet - p0sixninja & cdev team are finishing iPad 2 jb

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    Default There is hope yet - p0sixninja & cdev team are finishing iPad 2 jb

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    Yea, PN tweeted that they are working on iPad 2 jailbreak.

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    Exciting for all the ipad 2 owners

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    Quote Originally Posted by iGoof View Post
    I still don't get why redsn0w didn't jailbreak the iPad 2 on 4.3

    My iPad 2 is on firmware 4.3
    The exploit used in redsn0w is only possible on devices with the a4 chip, meaning it only works on certain hardware. The iPad 2 uses the a5 chipset and does not have the old vulnerability. The jailbreak we are waiting for is a software exploit, it has nothing to do with the hardware of the device, thus it will work on any device capable of running on the iOS it was designed for.

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    If I have an iPad 2 with 4.3 should I update to 4.3.1 ?or should I wait , the problem is that apple is getting 4.3.2 in few weeks so I don't wanna get stuck on 4.3 if a jailbreak comes out .

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    Use tinyumbrella and save you shsh blobs it will save them for 4.3.1 that way you can always upgrade or downgrade to it

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    What he said. I have an iPad2 and I'm on 4.3. I'm going to wait and not update to anything yet just in case the JB is for 4.3. You can use TinyUmbrella to save your SHSH's for 4.3.1 but they already quit signing 4.3. You don't have to be jailbroke for TinyUmbrella to save them.

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    i don't think there is anything worth upgrading for yet anyway

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