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Thread: Windows/Linux on iPad 2?

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    Default Windows/Linux on iPad 2?
    I am going to get an iPad 2 as and upgrade from my iBook g3. For work I need a javascript console, which I cannot get in iOS. The only way to access this old technology is from OSX, Windows or Linux. VNC is not an option for me to get java because I don't have a computer that is always online. I don't think there is a way to dualboot windows or linux on iPad. So anyway my question is: is it possible to get windows/linux on iPad 2 thru bochs?

    Please don't say that its stupid to have Windows on iPad or to get a different computer. I'm sorry if this question is n00bish, I haven't followed iPhone/jailbreaking news since I broke my iPhone and got a cheap temporary phone.

    EDIT: Also I need an internet connection with Java.
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    It appears that Bochs as been ported to iOS. However, since iPad2 has not been JB yet, it cannot be done. Also, I do not know whether you will be able to get any sort of internet connection to work when running Win or *nix. Sorry. There is a guide on how to install Bochs, it appears to be relatively easy. Another thing is that all of the info I found was dated from July and Sept of last year, so support for the latest iOS may not be there either. I imagine that it will be updated, but when it will be is unknown.
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    Thanks. Silly of my not to know about the iPad 2 jailbreak situation. I have used bochs Windoze on my iPhone 2G and it was extremely slow, but it will probably be just fine with the A5 processor. I'll find out when the is JB and update. Ideally the way to do it would be to install Ubuntu or another distro with openiBoot, however, it doesn't seem like a project like that will emerge anytime soon. Also if anyone knows for sure if networking does or doesn't work, that would be great.

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