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Thread: Apple Just Doesnt Get it...

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    Default Apple Just Doesnt Get it...
    They dont want their devices jail broken, yet they dont make the things they offer work as well as the jail breaks do!

    My Example that annoys me...

    I had the first gen iPad, sold it and bought the iPad 2 which I am very happy with. It came with 4.3 OS on it. On my old iPad, which was jail broken, I could stream videos from AirSharing app to my AppleTV by adding AirVideoEnabler to my jail broken device.

    Now I am thinking since 4.3 'supposedly' enables third party video sharing it would work now without a jail break right? WRONG! My ipad 2 is un-jailbroken, and I took the time to update my AppleTV to 4.3 OS. I tried video sharing through Air Sharing app as I had done millions of times before on the jail broken version and it only streams the audio! What BS is this?

    So Apple, basically your are forcing me to JB my new iPad as soon as its available because you cant make the most basic useful features work out of the box.

    I am curious what the 'third party apps' are that it actually works with now?

    So annoyed.....

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    I agree 100%

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    That feature is actually "off" by default. So the developers need to update their apps with that feature turned on. IMO, they should leave it up to the user, not the developer. What sucks is that some Devs are going to opt out, due to "copyright concerns"- bull. I think they got it, but maybe only 50%, ya know?
    And it will be like a taco inside a taco within a Taco Bell that's inside a KFC that's within a mall that's inside your dream!

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    Ah yes good point, I didnt think that the developers needed to update their apps. On the other hand, with a hacked iPad I just install AirVideoEnabler and it all works. Developers didnt need to update anything.... This is why I 'expected' it to work now Apple official turned it on.

    Regardless, I wasnt going to hack my iPad, (again), but now I definitely will bec I want this feature, plus infinidock. It still amazes me that there is so much space on the dock and you can only fit 6 apps.

    I still love my iPad regardless... except for the backlight bleeding through slightly!

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