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    Hey ladies/gents... I was hoping that someone would know where I could download the IPad Or if someone could upload theirs and provide a link.

    I was attempting to update IFile in Cydia, and a message popped up telling me it was unsafe. It had two buttons in which the text was too big for the buttons and was cut off. I didn't put much thought into it, and undoubtedly hit the wrong one. In which resulted in deleting Cydia, actually I think it un-installed Essential.

    I've managed to find a download for Cydia and Essential, and managed to get it installed and working(it actually appears to be the latest(3366 build)... The problem is, is that it's the Iphone and shows up IPhone size with the 2x resize button.

    I'm hoping to not have to update firmware, as I like my Screen Orientation Lock button the way that Apple initially released the IPad.

    Any/all help is appreciated...

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    Just use redsn0w and chose "install Cydia".

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    Thanks.... Will it just install Cydia? Or do I have to provide my current ipsw and re-jailbreak...

    My old copy of RedSnow looks like it wants my original .ipsw and wants to rejailbreak. And my download for the current RedSnow is showing over an hour to download.

    If anyone is willing to upload their directory....

    Please post or PM me, and I'll give you an upload link to upload it to my server....

    It would be much appreciated....

    Thanks all....
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    So nobody is willing to point me to an upload? Really?
    I have to re-jailbreak and re-sync my "perfect" IPad??? when it's probably a super simple/quick/easy fix that takes seconds/minutes?

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    Its probably safer and more stable to do it via redsn0w.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dawgbone View Post
    So nobody is willing to point me to an upload? Really?
    I have to re-jailbreak and re-sync my "perfect" IPad??? when it's probably a super simple/quick/easy fix that takes seconds/minutes?
    If by chance you installed OpenSSH or MobileTerminal...and dpkg/apt, you could always follow the instructions here:

    Then from a shell as root install the .deb.

    dpkg -i /path/to/file.deb

    If not, as far as I know, the only solution would be to re-jailbreak it. Assuming you have proper backups, nothing would be different on your "perfect" IPad. Except that you would have a Cydia icon. ;-)

    This all is assuming that you have some sort of Shell/Terminal understanding. If you don't understand or know what you're doing you could potentially destroy your device. Use extreme caution.

    Hope it helps a little. :-)


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    Thanks everyone...

    For whatever reason, Cydia fixed itself, and it now opens in full "IPad version"...

    Thanks Phiber, as your link informed me where to download a newer version of Cydia(3366.7), in which after installing, let me update IFile and YXFlash, without it wanting to unistall Essential/Cydia...<-- my initial problem that caused all the grief in the first place.

    So I'm back and running 100% again... woot...woot

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    Excellent. Glad to hear it. :-)


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