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Thread: Netflix streaming issue

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    Default Netflix streaming issue
    Ok, I'm running 4.2 jailbroken with Greenpois0n RC5. The netflix app works like the website, and won't stream. When I try to play a video, it goes to the "I'm sorry, but netflix streaming is unavailable for your OS, here's a couple of other options you can use such as Windows, or MAC OS." Anybody else running into this problem?

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    I'm not running into this problem.

    Did you install anything to fake your browser user agent or maybe something that helps you with downloading files locally while using safari? I had similar problems with the older firmware because the Netflix app would use the user agent from the browser on the iPad. If it detected another OS besides iOS, the error would appear.

    I forgot which apps cause this, but the first one off the top of my head is UAfaker.

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    To my knowledge, I'm not running anything like that. I'm really just running some basic jailbreak apps, nothing amazingly fancy. That does give me the idea to remove apps one at a time, until the problem goes away. I'll do that when I have the time, and report back here, just in case it's one that nobdy's expecting to do it.

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    Well, before doing that, see what safari says when you visit this site:

    Whats My User Agent?

    It should say Mozilla/5.0 (iPad.....a bunch of other stuff....)

    Does it still say iPad for you?

    Another thing that might also cause this: Do you have Frash installed?

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    works fine here. weird issue

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    Funny thing is that it worked fine when I had Frash installed. I did not reinstall frash after restoring to defaults, upgrading iOS from 3.2 to 4.2, and rejailbreaking

    That site states that my user agent is Mozilla/5.0 (iPADD,U, CPU OS 4_2_1 like MAC OS X) ETC. ETC. Haven't had the chanceyet to start uninstalling and checking

    Ok, looks like it was ChangeCarrier that was doing it. Anybody know a different app to change the "iPad" name at the top?
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