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Thread: need help ipad stuck in recovery mode after 4.3

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    Default need help ipad stuck in recovery mode after 4.3
    I accidently updated my ipad on my pc and it doesn't function. i clicked restore instead of update. i tried tinyumbrella and recboot but no hope. is there anyway this could be fixed? i tried a program called fix 1015 error but i couldn't even open it. please help, if anyone with an apple uid can help me that would be great. your help is appreciated.


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    If you're running Windows 7/VISTA, right click the 1015 error fix file and click "Run as Administrator". Oh and is the error you're getting saying something like "iTunes failed to complete the activation"?

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    error 1015 i dont know how to download the 1015 error fix you got a link?

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    Didn't mean to delete all your threads... sorry. If you updated your iPad 3G to 4.3 beta without a Dev account then you're stuck with a brick until Tiny Umbrella is updated to kick you out of recovery mode. The reason you get 1015 is because your baseband was updated and now you're trying to get back down to 4.2.1 and it no longer matches back up.

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    its all good man, theres no other ways man? or am i waiting for tinyumbrella to update, i just need to downgrade? you think you can help me downgrade?

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    Ok, heres how to activate 4.3 without a dev account, OR jail breaking. *note, you must have blobs saved from 3.x.x firmware.
    1st. Download the 3.2.x firmware, tiny umbrella, and have your ssh's saved.
    2nd. Run tinyumbrella server,
    3rd. Put your iPad into dfu, then when iTunes recognizes it, hold shift, and click restore, then select the 3.2.x firmware.
    4. Wait for it to restore.
    5. When it's done. iTunes should kick up a 1015 error, kick it out using to tiny umbrella
    6. Stop tiny umbrella, restart iTunes, and with iPad on and plugged in, shift click the UPDATE button, NOT restore!
    7. Choose the 4.3 firmware, let it restore.
    8. tada, should now have an activated iPad, running 4.3, works up to beta 3, which I'm currently running.

    Ya, if you do it right, it should work.
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