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Thread: I would *pay* for a Camera Connection Kit fix...

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    Default I would *pay* for a Camera Connection Kit fix...
    Okay, another 'I would pay' threads but seriously, taking away the functionality to use external sound cards in 4.2.1 wasn't cool, Apple. I relied on that for doing DJ sets. Now I've gotta use the crappy external output which has a tremendous tendency for noise impedance when I have a power cable plugged in.

    So, anybody got a fix to restore the USB power output to 100 in 4.2.1?

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    It should still work if you use a powered USB hub. The hub will sit between the iPad and your USB device and provide power to your device.

    I use this method to plug in some USB flash drives and multiple USB devices at once without getting the warning from iOS that too much power is being drawn.

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    It doesn't seem to work for me, I've tried 3 various powered hubs at the studio and none of them seem to affect it... :/

    Why remove features, Apple?

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    It definitely works with the right hub, but the issue doesn't seem to be whether it IS a powered hub, but rather, if it IDENTIFIES itself as a powered hub.

    I'm using both a Yeti USB mike and an M-Audio Mobile Pre (not simultaneously) with my iPad running 4.2.1 without any problems via a Belkin Desktop Hub Model F4U016 without even needing to use external power. The iPad is running it all without complaint. There are others that work as well, but they definitely don't ALL work.

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    So odd that it's not working at all for me...what apps are you using?

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    I use a large variety, and they all work fine:

    MultiTrack DAW

    The only thing that doesn't work properly is Improvox, which is really a shame, since they finally got it working under 3.2.x just as iOS 4.2 came out!

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