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Thread: Android (or HTC) like keyboard for iPad

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    Question Android (or HTC) like keyboard for iPad
    i'm sorry if im posting this in the wrong area, but i think this has to do with cydia and jailbreak.
    ok, here's my issue:
    i had a htc touch (elfin) and the keyboard was great, now...
    i have an android phone, and i LOVE ITS KEYBOARD, even the stock version (i use smart keyboard pro)
    i bought this week an ipad. BUT I HATE ITS KEYBOARD....
    is there a keyboard like the ones in android phones or even winmo phones?
    that you have multiple option in the keys, like, if you press and hold a you get: @ гебвд
    and like q if you hold and press youllget 1... i think you get the point.
    is there a better keyboard for ipad?
    or at least the re organization of the symbols, for exemple, the ! and @ and # are no together, in all keyboard they are pretty pretty close.

    thnak you.
    and sorry if this post was meant to be in other place.

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    The iPad keyboard is like that. If you hold down the 'A' key you get the option for letters in other languages and you can select which keyboard languages too in the settings. It does not, however, have the symbol and number options. My iPad isn't jailbroken right now so I can't tell you if there are any other keyboards for the iPad. I know there's a section in Cydia, but I'm not sure there are any that support iPad.

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    yes, i knew that.
    the thing is, i want not only the letters, but also the symbols, when i press and hold...
    i should look in cydia, but there are like hundreds of keyboards
    thanks anyway

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    Check out inspell, by Ryan Petrich, in Cydia. This tweak allows one to define custom dictionaries, and custom auto replacements. It isn't exactly what you are looking for, but it makes the stock keyboard even more usable. Example, I have it set that if I type ggg, inspell will replace it with my username. Eee will replace with my email address. Unfortunately, there really aren't too many options for replacing keyboards, especially ones that will do the popup with the "1" for the Q. Sorry. Come to think of it, there is a five row keyboard in Cydia, that adds a fifth row to the default keyboard, with the numba keys. Best of luck!
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