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Thread: quick winterboard and theme question

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    Default quick winterboard and theme question

    Is winterboard fully working yet ? the reason i ask is I tried downloading and installing some themes last night that claim to be built for all devices including Ipad but when I went to run them things wer'nt quite right

    for instance I downlaoded EatenBA's slash but the wallpaper was only ipod / iphone size ..I had sounds but no new icons

    then I tried to change to my own wallpaper using the user wallpaper setting but wanted my own ( different )lock screen as well so set user wallpaper and user lock screen in winterboard but it only gave me the lock screen for both ..of wich the home screen was way off centre.

    I'm new to apple devices and appreciate this is new and under development ..just wiondered if I'm going wrong somewhere


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    Winterboard is working, but theme makers are still including just 320x480 WPs for the most part, which is on their end, not winterboards. Ive noticed too that icons don't seem to want to change, but I think that is just how the ipad handles icons. When I tried to manually change an icon, I had to reboot before I saw any changes. Try a reboot after setting user lock wallpaper and springboard wallpaper. That should let you change both.
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    Nice one thanks ..another quickie do I change icons ?

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    In winterboard, to change icons, you create a theme folder, then create a folder called "Bundles", then inside the bundles folder you create another folder that that is called the identifier for the app in question. To find the identifier, you can SSH to the apps location, which will be in /Applications/ for the native apps and Cydia/Rock apps, or /User/Applications/ for App Store apps. Then look for the info.plist file inside the app folder and open it. Look for "CFBundleIdentifier" and the text below it. For example, for iFile the CFBundleIdentifier is "eu.heinelt.ifile". So you would name the folder inside the Bundles folder eu.heinelt.ifile. Then inside the folder, put the icon image file, and name it accordingly. To be sure it is named properly, look inside the app's folder and note the name of the icon. Sounds difficult, but it really isn't.
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