Hello everyone,

I have a Jailbroken iPad 3, and I ran into some problems with it.

Currently, iTunes is unable to detect it, and it is not charging when it's in Springboard. By that, I mean the iPad charges when its in the low-battery state (not sure what it's called) when the battery icon is red and takes up the whole screen. However, once it's finished charging with that 1%, it goes into Springboard, and refuses to charge. I'm currently using the cable that came with the iPad. I've tried switching cables, I've tried using an iPhone cable (which I know won't work, but was worth a shot), I've tried plugging it into my PC, nothing's working.

So then, I tried to do a restore through iTunes, but found that iTunes was unable to detect my iPad. I've tried uninstalling/reinstalling iTunes, I've rebooted my PC, and it's not working still.

Anyone have any suggestions on how I could proceed? I can take it into an Apple Store, but the problem is that it's Jailbroken, and I'm unable to "un-jailbreak" it.

Thanks in advance!