Good Afternoon -

A couple of months ago, I replaced the glass on my iPad 3. A couple of weeks afterwards, the Home button (which worked fine until then) wouldn't come back up all of the way after being depressed.

It got worse as time went on to the point where I had to install an app which would turn off the home button since it randomly activated. Finally, I decided to fix it and bought a new screen and am working on it today. Before using the adhesive to attach the glass, I put it back together (holding with tape) and tested it.

Everything worked well - except - the home button wouldn't still come back up all of the way.

I think I've got it on correctly, but attached is a picture. On the button itself, there's an end which is longer than the others. I have it facing outward and verified this with a pic online. Is that correct? As you can see in the pic, I even tried reinforcing it with a bit of clear tape too.


eTech Parts doesn't have the home button assembly in stock anymore, but the parts do not look damaged.

Any suggestions? Thanks!