The sleep button and Smart Cover will not function properly on my CDMA iPad 2. My iPad will not go to sleep if the Smart cover is closed or the sleep button is pressed (they also won't wake it up). I don't think the magnets or sleep button are broken because the sleep button can still bring up slide to power off, do screenshots, and perform Activator actions. I turned on AssistiveTouch but it won't do it. It will still go to sleep on the delay timer though. The only other way it will go to sleep is if I set Activator to open Notification Center when I double press the sleep button and then triple press the sleep button. I already have tried restoring. It is on fresh 5.1.1 install and the problem existed before I jailbroke it. I just replaced the iPad's glass and I think I might have torn a connector near the volume rocker when opening it. Thanks!