My iPad 2 has lost its ability to sync via USB. It is not recognized by my mac when the cable is plugged in and I have been stuck with iOS 4.3.3 So I can't use the iCloud feature to save my data. Apple just wants to give me a new one, but I will lose all data on it. I would like to use a program like PhoneView or DiskAid to download all my notes and application data off of the iPad before returning it to them. Or let iTunes back it up so I may just restore to a new one. If im not able to do any of the above, I can DL the individual files via iFile using the server option. But I figure if I can connect to my iPad via iFile, there has to be an app or a patch where I can connect via Wi-Fi vs. USB. If I have to do it via iFile, are there any guides that give the locations of where the files I want reside on the iPad?