I would hope to find out if the DFU procedure done to or on ipad2 could be done not connected to my iTunes/ home computer. I read differing statements . One said the 10/15 second ,home-power button procedure should be done connected to my computer/ iTunes
The other recommends to DFU not connected and in the power ff mode.
I'm thinking of unjailbreaking a jailbreakme.com jailbreak which I am having no problems with ,however I don't think the gains from cydia and co. Are really for me. I don't go super deep into my device. I save that interest for other things! Just browse, mainly. Anyway , if I decide to un- JB is the DFU state something I want to have the device in and also will it be connected or done before connecting.
Obviously if I un-JB I want to wipe things clean correctly. 6 months left on my warranty plus I want things done correctly.
Many times I remember seeing an un-JB procedure done by just back up and then restore with iTunes.
I only have winterboard, springtomize and black key board installed but it has lead to me seeing more than that installed after uninstalling a couple of tweaks. A couple of the things I do see as installed warn me not to uninstall at the risk of causing problems. Whatever I could find out about the proper way to DFU if needed would be greatly appreciated. Thank you