ive owned my iPad 2 since september.
I waited months for the absinthe jailbreak and used my ipad stock until then and took great care of it.
it was after the jailbreak I initially noticed battery drain.

apple tell their customers that at 400 cycle charges, you'll retain 80 % of your batteries design capacity,

I'm using an app called battery detective from the cydia market (there's a few battery apps I've tried actually) could anyone else post their results from the app so I can compare?

my iPads max battery capacity is around 5,881 when the design capacity is 6583
my cycle count is only 79

it also shows I can only charge my battery to 89% when my indicator will say 100.
my battery indicator will quickly drain to catch up to the actually battery.
i get 2-3 % of battery drain in ten minutes while doing normal tasks :/
(everything in setting optimized for battery save, no notifications, location services, NOTHING)
I watch my battery closely and I know there is no rogue tasks/processes running.
the battery life is that of apples promised amount at the moment, but this is also without enjoying Icloud or mail services or any of the features that come with iPad.
if my batteries health is depleting this fast I can only imagine what it would be like in a year
I've only had this damn thing 6 months !

thanks in advance for your help, it's appreciated.

(only apple store available is two hrs away )