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The iPad still works fine but a shade of black is replaced by the green colour. The green colour is not stationary, it moves based on what the display is
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    Default Rare iPad Screen Problem

    The iPad still works fine but a shade of black is replaced by the green colour. The green colour is not stationary, it moves based on what the display is showing. I did drop my iPad the night before but it was working fine the whole day, then suddenly when i turned it on it became green. Yes i did jailbreak my iPad and no, i assure you that jailbreaking did not cause this problem. I did restore it to factory settings and still same problem. Imma send it back to apple soon, hopefully they give me a new one, or better yet, an ipad 2. Tell me what you guys think about this problem. Cheers!

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    If it's a 1st gen iPad then they definitely won't send you an iPad 2, I will be surprised if they replace or repair it at all. I'm no expert but I would guess that was caused by the drop, even if it did work fine for a little bit. Either way I hope you get it replaced, just giving my opinion.

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    Sorry charlie, unless you purchased your iPad from Apple within a year, or have Apple Care and are still within that period don't expect a replacement. Also, if at all possible, take it to an Apple Store. I've noticed that when I had issues with iPhones, even models I bought through Craigslist, if I took it to an Apple Store I could get it replaced usually with no questions asked. There is no doubt that is hardware related, hopefully you can get a replacement, otherwise you would need a new LCD, and possibly more.
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    You're internal LED crystal are broken. Sign of either a drop or crushed by a heavy object. Apple will say this is due to neglect. Good luck though

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    if they dont fix or replace it, get your lcd replaced by a 3rd party company.
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