i-Life Mobitech is glad to give away Free action cum adventure games for all the Apple Game Fans out there. Make use of the opportunity and download the Games for FREE Limited time on Appstore.

Apple Shooting 2 HD:

Apple Shooting 2 HD for iPad has now made to Top 200 Free Games under Board category. Limited Time Offer on AppStore!!!

Apple Shooting is an excellent shooting game in which you have to shoot the apple placed on your friendís head. Aim cleverly and shoot accurately, donít end up hurting your friend.

Game Download Link: Apple Shooting 2 HD for iPad

Darka Man 143:

Darkman 143 for iPad is an Action cum Adventure Game now available on App Store. When mankind loses hope and fear reigns freely, a hero will emerge from darkness. You are the ultimate Darkman, the heroic warrior, mankindís only hope and enemiesí worst nightmare.

With Darkman, itís time to exterminate. Experience raw war with responsive run, jump, slide, attack, and combo controls in this absolute gesture based battle game.

Game Download Link: Dark Man 143 for iPad