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Our app VNC Mac & PC Controller is going to have a price-off promotion on 2nd Nov. (with iTunes Link https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vnc-...543132243?mt=8 ). But you can have a try for free
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    Default VNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )
    VNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )-vnc-icon.png
    Our app VNC Mac & PC Controller is going to have a price-off promotion on 2nd Nov. (with iTunes Link
    https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/vnc-...543132243?mt=8). But you can have a try for free if you want, contact me, and i will send you a promo code for free in no time!
    My email address: [email protected] When you ask for promo code, remember to tell us from where you get the information(the name of the forum) and the name of the app.

    VNC Mac & PC Controller turns your iPad into a PC perfectly and it allows your iPad directly access to multiple computers sharing the same network. While laying in bed or taking a break on your front porch, even in a business meeting, VNC ports your desktop’s computer power and storage directly to your mobile device.

    VNC also supports several computers on your home or business network. Assist a family member with their internet troubles, watch a video stored on your main computer, or remotely play your favorite games, all on your iOS tablet!


    **Direct Connection**

    Marrying the accessibility and convenience of the iPad to the higher storage and processing powers of the personal computer, VNC acts as a direct bridge between your tablet and desktop. Manipulate office documents, sort your files, and watch "computer only" web content while laying on your hammock or sitting at the dinner table.

    **Multiple OS's? We got you covered.**

    Whether you are a PC or Mac user, VNC installs easily and works seamlessly on the iPad. With incredible flexibility and a great depth of input functions built into the app, you can control, alt and command to your heart's content.

    **Touch all the Things**

    Use the iPad's revolutionary multitouch gestures to zoom, right-click, drag, rotate and scroll through your computer's on-screen content.

    **Smooth Operator**

    Set-up and use are both intuitive and powerful in VNC. Add new accounts, change the display resolution and use your fingers to edit files, open and run programs, or simply view what's on your desktop. Wherever your wifi reaches, your iPad and computer are one.


    VNC supports variable display resolutions, including full screen, 1:1, landscape, portrait and widescreen modes. View your desktop in full retina quality.

    VNC Mac & PC Controller is the go-to app for at-home and business interoperability. Increase your productivity, access your entertainment, and right-here-ify over wi-fi your desktop experience!

    Note: VNC on Retina Macbook Pro is not well supported, however, we are trying our utmost to give ongoing improvement.
    VNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )-1.pngVNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )-windows.pngVNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )-3.jpgVNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )-5.pngVNC Mac & PC Controller (FREE!!!! )-4.png
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