I am extremely happy to announce that our app is now in the Modmyi Cydia repo. For those of you unfamiliar with Cinema Haven, it is a website I launched 5 years ago as a way for my friends and I to combine our efforts to eliminate cable bills from our lives. The general idea was to gather all the free legal movies, tv shows, documentaries, etc and unify them under one destination (Yes you can watch great movies and tv shows online legally for free..hulu, nbc, abc, etc). This all started out for personal use and grew into a community that has continued to thrive and expand for 5 years now. Our application is an extension of the website itself offering approximately 78% of our indexed content. While it doesn't have the upload and video link submission tools that our website offers it does offer you access to your favorites and your pre-created playlist of videos from over 43 video hosting sources. You can also use our app without registration, but if you'd like to submit content as well please feel free to register on our website.