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If you've ever wanted to teach your child a second language from a young age, then Flashcards for iPad is also the perfect learning tool! The application has support for English, French, German, Italian and Spanish – Children can learn and practice any 2 languages at the same time.

Learning a new language is proven to be much easier if children have exposure to the language from a young age. If you've ever wanted your child to learn a 2nd language, then this application is perfect for your toddler.

If you have a few seconds, take a look at this live demo and you’ll be able to see why we’ve had over half million downloads - Kids love this app!

Flashcard Extension Packs Released | Food Flashcards | Weather Flashcards | INKids

Both directors are available for comment (if you’d like to do a more in depth style article on INKids or this application). If you need some promo codes let me know by sending email to [email protected]