By using the iExplorer HD, it is easy to manage/view files on your remote servers (Windows sharing server/FTP server/WebDAV server/SkyDrive/Live Mesh/Google Docs/CloudMe/DropBox/Box.Net ...) in home, office and anywhere.


iExplorer HD app Features:

  • Manage files on local or remote server
  • Transfer files/folders/subfolders between iPad and remote servers
  • Zip & Unzip files on local or NAS server/FTP server
  • Stream html/Microsoft office files/keynotes/numbers/pages from NAS/FTP/Cloud servers
  • Print & tweet any viewable documents/ebooks
  • Stream photos, Audio/Video from your NAS/FTP/Cloud servers
  • Multitasking supported for Audio stream
  • Embedded PDF viewer, support outlines, bookmarks and annotations.
  • Fullscreen mode for viewer in iPad (iExplorer HD only)

The iExplorer HD app is loaded with multiple features which makes as a best File Manager app.

If you are interested with the app, then you can visit the iTunes Link: App Store - iExplorer HD to use the good file management app.