I developed a fun app that you guys might like.*It's called "Reddit Photo Clock". It's a free clock that streams funny, and interesting photos from the internet. This free App is a great companion for your living room or desktop.

App Link: Reddit Photo Clock for iPad on the iTunes App Store
Demo Video: Reddit Photo Clock for iPad - YouTube

Reddit Photo Clock features
• All-in-one App, displays the time, date, and the weather all in an easy to read display.
• Allows easy swiping to browse photos
• 5-day Weather Forecast
• Financial Stock Ticker for all you investors out there
• Double Click Photos to Launch the Reddit Comments Page
• Facebook and Twitter share photos with your friends.
• Pick the genre of photos you like, and this App will find all those photos. Genres include...
◦ Animals and cute pets
◦ Funny pictures
◦ Interesting photos
• Slideshow of your own photos.
• Custom Subreddit lets you add any other photos you want.
◦ See reddits for available Subreddits.
• Easily see every photo with automatic zoom.
• Option to prevent unsafe (NSFW) photos from showing. Great for during work.
• Weather is depicted in an easy to see icon and the temperature can be set to Cē or Fē.
• It's free

Hope you guys like it :-)
If you would like a coupon code for the Pro version, please PM me.