I'm irvita from icodelabs team, i'm very excited to announce the launch of Karrgo App
And Now Karrgo App for iPad Available on the AppStore

Karrgo App for iPad on YouTube

Karrgo App is a (S)FTP Client for iPad with cloud services support (Amazon S3, dropbox, box, sugarsync and webdav / iDisk)

With Karrgo App you can perform cross sections files transfer. Not only you can transfer files from your local files to FTP or vice versa (the conventional way), Karrgo App lets you to tranfer files from your dropbox account to FTP, Box.net to your Amazon S2, Sugarsync to local, SFTP to Webdav etc.

Not only that, with Karrgo App you can also download files from URL then save it to your local iPad and then save it to FTP, Dropbox, iDisk etc

★ Amazon S2 Support
★ WebDav/iDisk Support
★ Popular Cloud services support : Dropbox, Box.com and Sugarsync
★ iTunes File Sharing support, to transfer files from your computer to iPad easily
★ Open In .. command support to let you open your files with other installed app on your iPad
★ Download files from any given URL
★ Quicklook support to preview your file quickly
★ Local - FTP sycnhronization
.. and more