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Introducing the best fishing simulator for iPad: Go Fishing!

Escape from your work routine and the hassle of the city. Relax in the peaceful wilderness of the best fishing spots around the world.

The game features:

* hundreds of realistic tackle and bait options
* realistic locations, recreated from the best fishing spots around the world (Lake Michigan, Loch Ness, Alaska, Florida, Lake Victoria, Siberia and more)
* realistic graphics, animations, sounds, real fishing ambiance
* multi-level quests for fishing legends and stories (you will need to catch a monster fish, help the local ecologists, universities and restaurants, help finding poachers, etc)
* real-time multi-player tournaments
* extensive fishing experience. You may:

- sell, cook or release fish you caught,
- buy various bait or use traps to get it,
- use the realistic fishing gear,
- chum the fishing spots in advance to attract fish,
- use magic potions to improve your luck or skill,
- wear warmer clothes or sunglasses, apply mosquito repellents for more comfort,
- buy a house and a boat to access remote locations,
- pull out rare items to complete various collections,
- help your friends and ask them for a help,
- use electronic fishfinders to locate what you need,
- brag about your achievements and catches.

* Facebook integration

A Facebook account is required to play Go Fishing. Creating a Facebook account is free and you can play Go Fishing on Facebook at: Go Fishing on Facebook | Facebook

- “Its simple yet relaxing...very unique game compared to what’s out there”
- “an epic fishing game
- “Great game, just like the real thing.”
- “very good game with a dedicated team to go with it.”
- “I have to admit, this is actually a pretty cool game. Much better than building things in the villes. And here, I can sit back in my boat, drink beer and fish. Nothing better than that.”