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Are you in a beautiful mood today?
Colorful Day brings you a different way to express your heart through writing and sharing diaries;

* Want to read your friendís diary? Itís easy! Simply enter his/her Nickname, you are all set;

* Upload photos and edit them, it only exist for you;

* Graffiti-style diary covers for you to scrawl on;

* Record diaries and all kinds of moods; a variety of event icons are at your disposal to choose from;

* You can use photos and voice function keys to record your daily life anywhere and anytime you want;

* Add a location map in the list, which means you are able to find out things that you have done at the same place from the map list;

* Edit your diary with different fonts;

* Color variegated diary background;

* Share text messages, emails and micro blogs with friends. This function allows your friends to view your diary;

* Daily push message to remind you to record diary.