category: Game
1.1(iOS 4.0tested)
Language:English、Arabic、Chinese、French、German、Ital ian、Japanese、Korean、Spanish
Support platform: ipad
Requirements:Compatible with iPad
Requires iOS3.2 or later
Support platform: ipad


Working is exhausting, however, idling about is boring. Why not challenge Poker King for a break?
This classic game will now give you a brand new experience.
-8 languages is supported: Chinese (Simplified), English, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and Arabic.
-6 Modes: New, Hot, Queen, Freecell, Pairing, Calculating
-10 Game plays: Clock, The Imprisoned Queens, Inverted Trapezium, Apprentice, Spider Solitaire, Golf, Pyramid, Four Golden

Flowers, Pageant and Upgraded canasta
-Multi-option: providing various facades, back faces and backgrounds, making your game exciting
-Providing the option of choosing background music from your iPad Music Library
We also have an achievement mode which will give you more confidence and courage, and a ranking system that can show who is the

real Poker King!
What's New in Version 1.1
Added 5 game plays:
- 14 squares
- Resort To Arms
- Matching Couple
- Bad Time
- Magnificent Seven