Superstash is an enhanced web browser that allows you to quickly take screenshots of any page on the web, annotate it, instantly share with friends and colleagues, or file it for future reference. Take a full-screen screenshot or use it's built-in cropping tool to hone in on a selected area. You can add intelligent meta-data (name/rating/notes/tags) to any image and either share via email or store in folders you create in superstash's built-in library, all within a few taps.

Looking for inspiration? Superstash contains a companion website with featured websites to surf and find inspiring images and designs sorted by category (design / architecture / fashion, etc.). Superstash is available exclusively for the ipad.

Text annotation mode

Save Dialog

Pen tool

Curated sites for inspiration


Check out the vimeo vid walkthrough:
[ame=]Superstash App walkthrough on Vimeo[/ame]

Direct link to app
Superstash for iPad on the iTunes App Store