So anyone who's looking for the ultimate protection knows that otterbox wins hands down - i've dropped my ipad2 and cracked the screen which caused so much trouble to replace in order to sell. anyways, when the new ipad came out i got my hands on otterbox's newly designed defender case and it's freaking one bad *** case minus one major flaw: the built-in screen protector. this damn thing turns the retina display into a farm of pixels, something to do with the film refracts the light in a way that renders the screen ugly.

anyhow, the protector can easily be removed since it's just a mild adhesive holding it on, i'm wondering if anyone knows where i can buy a reliable clear sheet to replace the protector that came with the case. I'd much rather have something non-adhesive so i can fashion the protector to the otterbox case and not onto the iPad itself. i'd much rather create a seal around the frame of the case than having a gap between a protected ipad and the case (hope that makes sense).

so does anyone know where i could buy a non-ahesive, ultra-clear film that won't hinder the capacitive touchscreen to replace this garbage that came attached to the otterbox frame?