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Thread: iPad keyboard case that lets you use the iPad normally when keyboard not needed.

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    Default iPad keyboard case that lets you use the iPad normally when keyboard not needed.
    I'm looking for a keyboard or keyboard case that lets you use the iPad normally when you don't need the keyboard. The closest I have found is the Logitech Fold up keyboard for iPad. Logitech Fold-Up Keyboard for iPad 2 (920-003544): Electronics

    or the Zaggmate (and other models like this) ZAGGmate Aluminum iPad 1 (Case with Integrated Bluetooth Keyboard): Electronics

    I just want to use the iPad normally, and have a keyboard when I need it. Think Asus eee pad slider. The problem with the logitech fold up is its freakin thick, and the zaggmate makes no sense to me because you have to remove it everytime you want to use your iPad. Even if the zaggmate was the other way around, and was on the back of the iPad, it would work (I understand they do this due to thickness). I just think the iPad should be used normally, then have quick access to a keyboard when needed. I simply cannot find one, other then folios, which don't really serve my purpose. Any help would be appreciated!

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    You didn't say if you had iPad or iPad 2 (and you showed one of each lol). My personal preference is a separate keyboard like this

    I have used many, and this seems the best to me. Keyboard cases just seem to bulky to me, when 9 outta 10 times I am not doing much heavy typing and the onscreen keypad works fine for me. So a small case that protects but has the functionality I need is the way I went. (Targus VuScape is what I use, and have a keyboard as needed.

    If you let us know what version of iPad you have, I will make a recommendation from the keyboard cases I am experienced with.

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    Thanks for the reply. I am getting the new iPad, as it seems to be called. I just was trying to get an idea of what company to be watching for what I need.

    This is the closest I have found to what I am looking for. Pretty cool idea...

    TouchFire: The Screen-Top Keyboard for iPad

    I wish someone would come out with a keypard that like fit on the back of the ipad, or slid out....basically, the idea would be that you could have the keyboard with you wherever you were, but not need to use it unless necessary. While the logitech one I mentioned above does do that, it is ridiculously thick....

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    The touchfire is pretty cool, I will give you that! Check out this case, for the new ipad ClamCase iPad Keyboard Case

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    Default clamcase
    Yeah, the clamcase is nice, but still soooo thick when using it like a normal ipad... someone needs to address this in a different way...just a keyboard that folds back behind the ipad or something...

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    I just carry the apple Bluetooth kb with the origami case from the apple store. It's not that often that I need a real kb but its a nice setup when I do.

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