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Thread: Camera connection kit and usb flash drive

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    Default Camera connection kit and usb flash drive
    Hi all,

    Just wondering if it's possible to use a USB flash drive with an iPad?

    I know iOS4.2 stopped this, but does a jailbreak fix it?


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    Some might work while others won't. I am using a Datastick Sport 8GB USB stick now and ordered a 32 GB to see if it will work.

    Datastick Sport GB USB stick

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    Apparently there is a fix for this but it's not yet released, in another forum br0x said he had figured out how to fix it and was working with Comex to be included in Because it's a kernel patch it requires a restore and re-jailbreak. I don't know if this is at all true, but hopefully JBM will be updated soon and include this.

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    Ok got my Datastick Sport 32 GB USB drive yesterday and loaded it up with some movies and sure enough it works.

    So my 32 GB iPad 2 now can have access to a lot more content.

    Only about $50 spent. Well with the added cost of the CCK too.

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    i tried corsair voyager 32gb, sandisk cruzer slice 8gb, patriot 8gb and all of them can't. too much power. so bad

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    Maybe start a sticky or something and make a list of compatible USB sticks that work with the CCK.

    Storage size
    Model name
    Model number

    This way people will know what to google when shopping online for compatible drives. I have a few others in the house but the one I mentioned about and the 8Gb version are the only two that seem to work.

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    You can check before connecting an USB Stick into USB Power tab on Windows and see if this device uses more than 100mAh.

    I know some USB sticks from china that doesn't have the feature to inform the power that needs the device, so iPad can't "block" you and you can have access to the device without problems...

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