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Thread: Exchange Mail Disappeared

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    Default Exchange Mail Disappeared
    I have been using Intelliscreen on my iPhone for well over a year without problems until today.

    Suddenly in the middle of the day, the Mail section of my home screen shrunk and my calendar section disappeared. I was finally able to get it displaying properly again, however I am now unable to see my Exchange account but can see my IMAP (Google apps mail) account.

    Both accounts work fine with the iPhone mail program and Intellialerts are working for both accounts.

    Version Info:
    iPhone 3.1.3 (7E18)
    Carrier AT&T 5.6
    Jailbronken with blackRa1n
    Intelliscreen installed via Rock.
    Intelliscreen version v11:4.4.1 (Latest) Purchased

    I have tried everything that I could...
    • Reinstalling Intelliscreen
    • Removing and reinstalling IntelliScreen
    • Turning the Exchange account off and (and with a reboot inbetween)
    • Disabling Exchange Mail sync, rebooting and re-enabling
    • Removing Exchange account completely and reinstalling
    Nothing that I have tried gets my Exchange mail displaying again.

    Please help me to get this working again!

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    Odd this same thing happened to me today...i was actually trying to add an RSS feed to the news and realized afterwards my exchange email was no longer showing up.

    I tried the same tests you did with the same result...still no working exchange emails. My hotmail account works perfectly.

    Still currently running a 3G on 3.1.2 with blackra1n never had a problem with this until today. I cant seem to get it working again.

    One thing i have noticed in my long time use of IS is the mail accounts never did display properly in the mail settings of IS. They would both show "OFF" at times yet still be displaying in IS which seemed odd to me to. However at this point the hotmail account still works perfectly and i can turn it on and off but the exchange doesn't want to work no matter what i set it to.

    I just tested lockinfo and it works without any issues so im assuming this is an IS issue. I will use lockinfo until this is resolved.

    Thanks if anyone has help with this....

    (if it matters i never did get the RSS feed to work either in the end not sure why)

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    Default Should I Restore & Rebuild?
    I considered restoring my iPhone to factory and then jailbreaking and re-installing apps.

    However, I have held off on doing that since I remember reading that a recent Intelliscreen update enabled iTunes to store the configuration information for Intelliscreen. If it does that and the error is in the configuration file, then I would end up restoring that information back to the phone on the 1st sync.

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    Default Rock Your Phone Updates
    This morning, Saturday, I checked Rock Your Phone for updates and lo and behold there were 2. Intellishared & something else (Mobile Substrate, maybe).

    Anyway, I installed both and ...good and bad news...

    Good...In the Intelliscreen program, the preview mode now shows my Exchange mailbox!

    Bad...Intelliscreen no longer works on the Lock screen!

    I wonder whether running iOS4 would resolve all of these problems?

    This morning, Sunday morning, there was another new update for IntelliShared.

    It has fixed my problem!
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    Thanks for this...since reading your message i decided to uninstall lockinfo and try IS again. This time it works fine again as you stated....i didn't have any problem with it not showing up however so hopefully that was just something you missed? Anyways mine is back functioning normally...yay!

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