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Thread: Two home calendars showing

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    Unhappy Two home calendars showing
    Under calender setup I show two home calendars actually two of every calendar in my system. Also it won't let me chose just one home automatically checks both home calendars and then I have dupe entries on the startup screen under calendar.

    Anyone know how to fit this....two of everything in the calendar is really taking up a lot of room.

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    Are you running the latest version of Intelliscreen? If so, are these shared calendars on your iPhone (MobileMe or Google etc.).

    When did this start? After update, after installing other software???

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    It started with version 3 and all these multiple calendars.....everthing seems to have a calendar attached even turbotax....they show up in the calendar on the mac and I have them all unchecked cause I am not using them...I can't find a way to remove them. In I tunes I have it only syncing my home computer and have all the others turned off. but on the i phone I see see all of the calendars and I see them twice like I said a dup....if you uncheck one the other uncheck and same way around. I have gone through full setups from the beginning to try not to get all of the calendars but for some reason they keep showing up.

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    Thanks for that. At least I now know why this mess of calendars is there. I'd also like to know if anyone can fix it or knows of a program that will clean it up.

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    On the Mac look into Users/Library/Calendars and see if there's a mess there that can be fixed. If you are using iCal, you can select and delete calendars and then do a backup of this, after cleaning the above referenced folder of junk. Hope this helps.
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    Default ical fix seemed to do the trick for me
    Tried the Ical recommendation and sync with iphone and now just one item...even though I did notice I have two home entries under intelliscreen.

    Thanks....looks much better.

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    Well sorry to say my doubles are back...not sure why....but I think I know whats going on....I have my sync with iCal on and the iphone auto syncs with I get to sets of entries one for Ical and one for mobile me. On the iphone I chose which one I want to use on my calendar. However there is a ALL CALENDAR button and when I chose that one my iphone calendar shows doubles of everything. So I believe Intelliscreen must be automatically using the all calendar view....the calendar select shows 2 calendars to pick from but when you select one it auto selects the other....I turned sync with ICal off....and so I hope future appointmentswill only show once...sync I will not be syncing with ical directly. I have tried to get rid of the items from one of the calendar sets but have not figured out how to remove the second set from mobleme or ical....

    any thoughts on that.

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    Have you synced your iCal with MobileMe? Maybe they need to be synced. Just trying to help.

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