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Thread: Improvements?

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    If this is the case it's more than welcome, howcome we here NOTHING about it then?
    What's the timeframe for whatever you're talking of? Weeks, months, years?

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    I was told 'wait for new and better things' almost a year ago, and what came out, RockApp! That seems to be the focus right now.

    I would like to believe IS is being worked on, (hell JUST DRAW a calendar with highlights on days with events would be nice), but nothing material has happened for IS in so long that I have also switched to LockInfo. I would go back to IS if it did just 2 things more...

    1} option for drawing/importing a calendar view, (monthly idealy with arrows for months) and highlight days with events (HTML with Winterboard can do this)

    2} in the taskbar were it shows mail/sms/ icons include an option for Vibrate switch on, (StatusNotifier can do this)

    both are pretty trivial, and #1 has been requested for ages, (even on the RYP faq)... ...but nothing has happened. I appreicate people have lives/babies, etc, but all your resources seemed poured into RockApp only!

    PS: Another thing, can we get different weather sources, underground is pretty weak.
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    If the above helps, a 'thanks' is always nice

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    i love intelliscreen and have only one small request. In setting up weather, the order that you add locations becomes the same order that they are displayed. If you want to move a weather report to the top of the list, you have to delete them all and then place the weather report you want to appear first on intelliscreen at the top of the list in set up. It would be great if you could move weather for a location to the top of the list easier than deleting and reinstalling them all.

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    greets to u from me for your efforts on improvements.

    Unfortunately it means 3.1 and 3.1.1 and now 3.1.2 came out which put a big wrench in things. Hopefully 3.1.x issues will behind us shortly and it will be back to more interesting things with same feeling
    looking forward for more updates.

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    IS is the first apps I bought for my iPhone and i am loving it, some of my friends also have it ,
    RockApp 2.0 works on 3.0 too.

    i also think IS should have a twitter application in future,
    hope in some years , we get some more cool applications ,

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