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Thread: Asus 1005HAB Netbook Hackintosh Guide

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    That is correct. I have not updated to 10.6.7 yet, but to update to 10.6.6, Follow this, just to make sure:

    Alright, download: Mac OS X v10.6.6 Update Combo 10.6.6 Combo Update
    Also download: 10.6.5 - 10.6.0 (yes I said 10.6.5. The 10.6.6 kernel didn't work for me.) When that is done downloading, extract it to your desktop. It'll be a black box looking thing.

    Back up these files: AppleIntelGMA950.kext, AppleIntelIntegratedFrameBuffer.kext, IO80211Family.kext Located in HDD-System-Library-Extensions. Just back them up to the desktop.

    Install 10.6.6 but DO NOT click restart.

    After it gets done installing, Go to: Utilites-Terminal and type these commands VERY CAREFULLY:
    1. sudo -s
    3. cd /
    4. mv mach_kernel mach_kernel_1062
    5. cp ~/Desktop/mach_kernel_atom /
    6. mv /mach_kernel_atom mach_kernel
    7. chown 0:0 mach_kernel

    When you finish that, run pfix. Also in Terminal enter your password and hard drive. Let that run until it finishes.

    Click restart on the Combo Update and it should reboot but look very low res.

    Open KextHelper and drag those three kexts into KH and enter your password and than run pfix again.

    Reboot and everything should be running good.
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    Thanks a lot. Unfortunately insanely mac's link is broken maybe... Is there the mach kernel in that link?Can u give me another link, please? The procedure is similar than 10.6.5 update one. Great!! Thanks for the patience...

    Uh I find a link where i can download mach_kernel files... But which file may I download?10.6.0 mach_kernel version(10.6.6) or 10.5.0 (10.6.5) one?
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    I wonder if the asus 1005hab would be able to upgrade to Lion OS. Any thoughts?

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    Newcomer to Netbook Hackintosh here. I have built an Asus based Tower running 10.6.6, but that was an easy install compared to this. Purchased Asus 1005 HAB from NewEgg last week. Original Bios Version 1401 was already installed. I downgraded it to Bios 1301, but it won't allow me to go to an older BIOS version. I also am having a difficult time locating a retail 10.6.0 or 10.6.1 DVD. The one I purchased at the Apple Store is 10.6.3 I do have a MAC OS X 10.6 install disk for a Mac Pro and am wondering if I can just try that instead. A friend let me borrow a DMG he had lying around with the Golden Master version DMG or something like that, but that did not work. I am now going to try over with teh Mac Pro DVD, but I fear I am about to waste another 6 or 7 hours of my life today. If this does not work I will hopefully be able to return this Netbook. But I like it a lot. What a shame. Any of you folks have any ideas for me? Kind Regards & Peace!

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    Hi, new to the thread here. Great guide by the way and thanks for putting it together! This past weekend I followed the guide here and installed 10.6.0 on my 1005HAB and then went to 10.6.4. Everything worked great, only issue I had was the wired ethernet, but not that big of an issue. If someone knows a fix, great if not wifi is perfectly fine. My problem that I am having is 2 days ago I updated to 10.6.6 and it has worked perfectly fine the past 2 days. I tried a different kext to get the wired ethernet going, ran pfix, restarted. It didnt fix the ethernet, but shortly after this it started doing random shut downs. Almost like a complete loss of power. A few times it didnt even want to power up when pushing the power button. Any ideas??

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoilerGrad View Post
    Thanks for the guide. Followed the steps with the same 1005HA from BB and 10.6.3 retail, but after the initial boot loader it goes to a grey apple screen and hangs. With boot loader -v -f options, it shows the steps loading but then goes to a black screen.

    Any thoughts?
    Same thing is happening to me. I've tried doing it all over again many times following the directions exactly. Is there something left out of the instructions that I'm not doing (even common sense)?

    Edit: I got it to load using Netbook Installer and got it updated to 10.6.5. Wifi still does not work. It will connect to a network, but cannot access the internet. It doesn't appear ethernet works, either.

    I've tried reinstalling the kext but nothing so far. I don't want to have to get the Dell card, but I guess I will if there's no other choice.

    Edit 2: After perhaps six reinstalls of the OS, everything is now working thanks to a combination of your kit and Netbook Installer. Sweet!
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    Well, I managed to get everything up and going but wired Ethernet and the volume using voodoohda is pretty low. I've tried numerous kexts trying to fix the Ethernet but to no avail. Does anyone have working wired ethernet and if so what kext did you use?

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    Okay Lion is out now. Has anyone tried it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic8ball88 View Post
    Okay Lion is out now. Has anyone tried it?
    I don't think it is possible. I read on another forum that it is a hardware compatibility issue. I have not tried it yet but I hope that what I read is wrong.....

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    o I a have been reading on about the MAC installation on an Asus 1005 model. Not sure if it's the same or older, but would this same installation work on an Asus EEE 1001P

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    Question: Can I use this guide to update to 10.6.6 if I originally installed 10.6 using MyHack? Or will horrible things ensue?

    Currently everything works except iPhoto (won't zoom or edit, probably an issue with screen size) and sometimes program windows go off the edge of the screen.
    Asus 1005HAB, currently running OS X v. 10.6 (vanilla kernel)
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    I just wanted to let everyone know about something that I have been working on. I have an Asus EEE PC 1005hab that I just turned into a hackintosh. I followed the steps at the beginning of this thread and got everything running extremely well. Since I just have the stock 1gb of ram, I had to do some additional tweaking to get the OS running perfect (specifically the battery meter).

    Using the free program here at DSDT simple editor V1.4.3 (DSDT manual compare option) you can use DSDTSE to edit the .aml files provided in the Cope Da Ville pack.

    Download and open up the .aml file with DSDTSE and you need to compile it to see if there are any issues. I had a few that were fixes quickly.

    Search "OperationRegion". By default, it should be something along the lines of (BIO, SystemMemory, 0x7F7AE064, 0xFF) for 2gb of ram. Change it to (BIO, SystemMemory, 0x3F7AE064, 0xFF). Then, the next step is to search "_T_0" and replace it with "T_0". Thirdly, you need to search "MUTE, 0x03E8" and replace it with "MUTE, 0xFFFF". One thing I found is that when I compiled and ran the file it would still give me one error. Somewhere around like 6720 or something, there is a "MUTE, 0x0FFF" that will give you an error when you compile it. Simply change that to "MUTE, 0xFFFF" and it should fix the problem. Now save that file. Now go to /Extra and move the dsdt.aml file to your desktop and replace it with the one you just made. That should fix the issue with battery having an X through it.

    I edited this file after already upgrading to 10.6.5, so I would recommend doing this last. But be VERY careful in doing this, because if it is done wrong it can give you a Panic Kernel error.

    So I recommend being VERY careful while you are doing this. It worked for me. You can also follow this video I found and it will give you some more common fixes to other errors you might come by along the way of turning your netbook into a hackintosh. Hope this helps!

    Learn how to create your own dsdt.aml file - YouTube

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    Quote Originally Posted by magic8ball88 View Post
    Okay Lion is out now. Has anyone tried it?
    Lion sucks on real Macs. I'd stay on SL regardless.
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    I have an iBook G3 and an Eee 1005HAB (which, of course, I'm trying to install OS 10.6 on). I followed the instructions as best as I could (I have an image of the retail DVD; the real disc is missing), but when I got to the first boot on the Eee from the USB stick, I selected the stick and wound up at a blank screen (save for a blinking cursor). The USB stick's access light flashes for about 2 seconds before halting and doing nothing more.

    Repeated attempts have failed, and I have confirmed (with a Linux distro) that the stick is not damaged and can be booted from on the Eee. Any ideas on what to do?

    The Eee has a 4400 mAh battery, 1 GB of RAM, Atom N270 CPU
    BIOS is v02.58, Core Version 1102 (Build Date 10/16/09)
    EC Firmware Version: EPCD-029

    The "Icebook" G3 is running OS 10.4. Several directories on the USB stick mentioned in the install procedure (such as Extras) are hidden when browsing it in Finder, though I can manually navigate to them (and view them normally in Debian on my desktop). Copying files requires Admin permissions for some reason.
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    Any chance somebody could post a link to a disk image, or anything for this setup? I'd like to put this on my mom's 1005HAB, but don't know if it is worth the time and effort. (she might just tell me to undo it) I'd be more than happy to send you a little love if you do ($10 gift card maybe?)


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    Can this be done using a single USB hard drive?

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    Thanks again for a great guide. I successfully install 10.6.6 on my 1005hab.

    A few questions... my microphone isn't working. Could you assist me with that? Also, I remap the keyboard shortcuts for decrease/increase display brightness to F5 and F6... somehow it's isn't working either? Any ideas?

    Lastly, what's ya'll battery life? My computer shuts down at around 21%... anyway I could get a "battery running on low" warning on the screen?

    thanks in advance

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    Hey guys,
    Quick question, will this work with the 10.6.3 RETAIL dvd? That's what apple sent me. I have an eeepc 1005hab. A prompt reply would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Tried with the 10.6.3 disc and it just kept locking up for me. Looked and found a used 10.6 and it worked great. Thanks to 13MX and all the people who helped with this!!!

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    How come the webcam isn't working? On photobooth, it says no camera connected. I've followed everything to the dot . Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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