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Thread: Dialer Issue, Feedback Needed (Please move to correct Forum mods?)

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    Default Dialer Issue, Feedback Needed (Please move to correct Forum mods?)
    Hello all,

    Ok I know there are pleanty of ppl here that know way more than myself about unlocking, etc...

    Here is my current issue:

    I recently upgraded to 2.1 from 2.0
    I used Quickpwn and everything seemed to go well.

    Problem I had was I followed the instructions I had and did a backup before anything in iTumes. Unlocked... But every time I tried to do the restore it would lock my phone to the apple boot logo and never start springboard. I tried a number of times and finally gave up.

    After unlocking without a restore everything seemed to work fine, just lost all my music, photo's etc because I no longer had them on my PC and wasnt sure how to move them off my phone first.

    Problem I'mhaving now is that the first time unlocking my phone worked fine the first time I called out. After than whenever I'd go to phone the keypad would come up but would hang (also call button was there but the word "CALL" was missing.. Then it would jsut shutdown and go back to springboard. Thinking it was jsut a glitch I redid everything and thought I had it.

    Today tho I made a call and once I hung up it did this again.. I can go to the "contact's" icon and dial out this way but once it dials it instantly goes to springboard with the call in progress bar but will not let me into the phone control again.

    My guess would be that I hang a dialpad theme before and after the reload I lost the option to use it in winterboard and its somehow crashing it now when it cannot find that theme (which I can not find to redownload) but its only a guess.

    Any help would be welcome as I hate the though of now having to reload and redo everythign again (the 20+ time)

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