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Thread: LCD Screen Recyclers

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    I sell ours screens from our 4 locations to Harvest Cellular. They give us $7 per good LCD screen for iPhone 4/4s , $45 for iPhone 5, $45 for S3 and $75 for note 2. I think they buy our ipod touch 4th gen for .25 cents?

    We send about 400 a month or so after I've bought from the other local repair shops. The price is per good LCD screen and about 80% of ours test out ok. they give a label and pickup from fedex and a partial payment upfront.

    I used applenberry before but I didnt get paid as much upfront and the yield came out lower.

    their website is We buy your cracked, shattered and broken LCD screens. iPhone 4, 4s, 5, Galaxy S3, S4, Note 2, iPod, iPad and more!

    tell them Jay Page referred you if you contact them... I deal with Christine

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    New to this forum. Find this topic quite interesting. So my question here is what can be done with a broken iPhone screen when it's turned in (sold) for recycling? Where does it go? What is being saved or "recycled"?

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    Apparently the LCD screen is removed from the digitizer and remanufautured along with other components and then resold.

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    Thanks for the fast reply. Do you recycle? If so who are you using? I read that Harvest Cellular is the one to go with.

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    Quote Originally Posted by m.sim6 View Post
    Thanks for the fast reply. Do you recycle? If so who are you using? I read that Harvest Cellular is the one to go with.
    yes, I still recommend Harvest

    I sell mostly to harvest now because they buy back everything including the iPod 4th gen screens and the price for S3 broken screen is like $45 and Note II $60.

    On the iPhone 4/4s they don't really offer a "flat fee" per piece. It's more of a tiered "per good LCD" price. So they offer say, $7 per good LCD screen. If our locations screens test out at 80% good LCD, then I'm getting $5.60 across both good and bad.

    Just don't throw any of your old screens away. It's the only way I'm able to actually be competitive doing the iPhone 5 repair and keep the cost down on some of the other high end screens if the customers broken one has an LCD that's still good, but cracked.

    If your a repair store, you also might try to ask around some of your competitors locally. Some of them might still be throwing the broken screens in the trash and you can make a few easy bucks off them
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    Quote Originally Posted by iRevival View Post raised their rates. $7.50 per screen if it's OEM. I think they're doing $5 for high copy. Still pretty much nothing on the iPod touch, but they are also at $50 on iPhone 5 LCD's.
    Just used them for a batch of iphone screens and everything went well. Dude is a little sketchy looking(he looked like my old druggie boss's identical twin) and his voicemail was always full, but he took care of me and was very nice. They just moved shops and are working to get everything going smoothly. Glad they are not too far from my house! OEM Screens are at $7.25 and high copy are like $4.25 if I remember correctly

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    How much does you guys get for iPhone 5 screens now? Are the prices lower now or?

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    Lol, Dustin the way you spam for business is hilarious. Guys Dustin Jones owns Harvest Cellular notice this poster's screen name is MonsterDustin? I've heard several bad stories about this guy and the way he conducts his business as well as LCD Cycle. One reoccurring issue is once either company has your LCd's and they're betting you didn't test them yourself. You'll be told less than half of your displays are buyable. Allowing he and lcd cycle to pad profits. I mean seriously keep in mind that MonsterDustin is Dustin Jones and re read his post's. You can easily tell its him spamming. If he's not honest with his purchase offers. Do you really think he'll be honest with your money when you have no recourse to refute it? I'll bet not. Take a look at his business address, its his parents house. Also note that his website doesn't have a phone number listed on it. So when he has your displays in his parents garage for a few weeks your only recourse is to email him. And yes I've heard his payouts can be a tad slow.
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