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Thread: iphone 4 wierd boot, can't get photos!

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    Exclamation iphone 4 wierd boot, can't get photos!

    My sister dropped her iphone 4 into her baby bottle sanitizer and now it has a very strange booting issue. I need to get the photos of her new born son off the phone as they are her only copies.

    The phone boots into emergency calls only mode when connected to the mains via the charger, but reboots every 8 seconds if it is plugged into the PC. I can get it into recovery mode but not DFU mode.

    The phone will not switch on with the power button and instantly dies when the cable is unplugged. I have replaced the battery and the charging dock but the problem persists!

    How is it that it boots fully from the mains but not the computer? Once into emergency mode the home button is working and it is by depressing this when I plug it into the PC that I can get it into recovery mode. In both instances the power/sleep button has no effect. I am assuming that this means it is broken so I have ordered a new loom and will fit it later this week (once it arrives).

    To see if this was the cause of the constant rebooting from the apple logo when attached to the PC I have tried booting without the terminal connected for the power loom (small middle lead above the battery, under the plate) but the phone still kept restarting.

    Can anyone help on behalf of my pleading sister?

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    Let's look at the base problem.
    There are some wierd things that happen with water damage, and this is one of them that I have experienced. There are MANY ways to skin this cat, the most expensive being take it to a shop that specializes in water damage, or more cost effective, poke around this forum. COWBOY is always a source of information. Prepare your sister for the eventuality that the pictures are gone. Sometimes life sucks like that. Best case, the pictures can be taken off the phone before a restore is done.
    REMEMBER! Always tell the person getting the water damaged phone you need the pictures!
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    Power ic is shorted

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