So I broke the connector on the number 3 cable on my iphone 3gs on the motherboard. The cable is fine, but the connector broke into 2 pieces and is no longer attached. Is there any way I can rig up something to where just the ear piece speaker will work for me? I just need it to last about 2 months (planning on getting the Galaxy S 4 as soon as it comes out).

With it being just a speaker, I imagine theres only 2 wires from that cable that go to it. Why the proximity sensor, light sensor and speaker require 12 different connections is beyond me though. Does anyone know what wires go to the speaker so I can attempt to solder the connections onto the board?

I don't really care how, I mostly just want the speaker working again and since I only need it to work for about 2 months until I get a new phone, I dont want to spend any more money by sending it off to get it fixed...

On the bright side, my new battery works great!