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Thread: 4:Earpiece & ringer no sound, vibrate switch and external volume controls not working,

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    Question 4:Earpiece & ringer no sound, vibrate switch and external volume controls not working,
    iPhone 4

    I know there are several posts about no sound, but I can't find my issue.

    Earpiece & ringer no sound (ringer sounds when changing ringtone)

    vibrate switch and external volume controls not working,

    Ringer and earpiece work through headphones.

    Speaker works when playing music.

    Initially I was only aware of earpiece problem and replaced it - no change.

    I presume other issues where there before I fitted earpice.

    Please advise if I might have done something wrong.

    Don't think dirty headphone socket is problem, volume and silent ringer should work with earphones in.

    Did a full clear and reset - no fix.

    Problem occurred mid call - doubt if it is a water damage problem.

    Any suggestions welcome.

    Thanks ColinK

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    Sounds like you need to replace the audio flex cable that controls volume and everything else audio related

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    Thanks for the suggestion.

    Does anyone have a photo or link to the exact parts I might need?

    Thanks ColinK

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    Also verify that the phone isn't stuck in headphones mode.If not head over to for the flex cable.

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    Id definitely check for the headphone tip. I've encountered that numerous times. Some lint or something gets stuck in the headphone jack and causes the phone to think headphones are plugged in. To test, turn the volume up or down and see if the HUD says (headphones) in it. If it does, some compressed air or precision tweezers may fix your problem. If not replace the cable via the links cowboy provided. My least favorite cable to replace on the 4/4S lol.
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