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Thread: iPhone 3G does not charge, what to check?

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    Default iPhone 3G does not charge, what to check?
    I'm trying to repair an iPhone 3G which does not charge

    I checked the small charging fuse close to the vibrator and it seems broken

    I tried to short-circuit it with a small wire but the phone would not turn on anyway

    I also tried to measure the voltage on the dock connector where you can see the > sign in the picture (and the other pin of the tester touching the chassis)-imageuploadedbymodmyi1353549947.987583.jpg
    I don't know if it is the right point to test

    It shows 0v with the cable unplugged and 3.7v with the cable plugged

    Is that a sign that the dock connector is good or not?
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    Why not just spend a few bucks to replace the charging port? I would have tried that before trying to intentionally short the fuse. I still would too.

    Here's one for $3 from a Chinese shipper:

    Here's one for $6 from a US shipper:
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    I thought shorting it would have been something to do, since it was broken...

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    Spending alot of wasted time trying to figure a problem is not worth the trouble. You knw it's the charging port and its a older device, changing the port will be worth your time. It only cost a few bucks on eBay and other websites. Within a few days, your part will come. So why wait, I wouldn't.

    #just saying 😊😊

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    I thought it would have been strange for the dock connector and the fuse to be both broken

    it has been at a repair shop and they told the owner that it's not fixable; anyway I think they also throw the lcd assembly away (I presume either they throw it away or keep it as a spare part by telling the customer it was broken, while I think only the digitizer needed to be changed)

    Anyway, will the phone be detected by itunes even without the lcd assembly?

    However, I'll wait until I put my hands on another 3G or just order one from China (too bad that seller doesn't ship to Italy)
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    Getting a used iPhone 3G for parts might be your best option. I did the same thing one time. I bought a iPhone only for parts and changed what needed replaced.

    Good luck to you...

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    Ahhh, bought two 3GS the day before yesterday; one turned out to have the logic board completely rusty and all the screws gone; the other one has the screen of a 3G with damaged connector and no sim reader

    I'll never buy broken phones again

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    That's messed up, all the money you will spend buying phones for parts, you could get a used iPhone 3GS for $100-150. In good condition. Well, that's in the U.S on eBay but maybe other places too.

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    Today I got a working 3G; I tried to put the logic board into this one and it still does not work; it doesn't turn on, so I think it's something about the logic board

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