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Thread: [HELP] iPhone 4S can't get a cellular connection after screen replacement

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    Hey guys,

    I dun goofed. Real bad I think.

    I replaced the display on a iPhone 4S EU model, and now it can't get a cellular connection. It's basically a iPod Touch now.

    I took it apart again, I cleaned a bunch of metal to metal contacts with alcohol, and still nothing! Is there any crucial point I may have missed?

    It even keeps saying 'Searching' when there isn't even a simcard inserted!

    What do? I already ordered a new antenna. I also did a continuity check on the coax cable, and this is what worries me the most: The antenna checks out, both leads, the core and mantle both have a good connection between the connector and the antenna itself. So it seems like the problem isn't a bad coax cable. However, there is NO (open circuit) connection between the core and the mantle. Is this normal or is this bad?

    I really need to know if a 7 dollar part is going to fix it, or if I trashed the phone and turned it into an iPod Touch.

    Thanks in advance!

    WiFi still works, I have reset the network settings, changed the simcard, still nothing.

    Seems like there is a problem with the SIM card reader. It keeps searching, even without a sim card inserted. It doesnt even say 'no sim card installed'.
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    First check if the date / time is correct, if it is and still have the problem -> restore, I had the same problem and fixed it with restore

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    Make sure your antenna is installed properly.

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    Already checked the antenna three times. But anyways, suddenly it works again! So all is good now, hope it stays that way...
    I repair iPods as a hobby.

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    If not let us know

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    Will do, will do. I guess it had something to do with the time and date, because I never connect customers' phones to my private WLAN network, to prevent having people think I snoop around their phones.

    But how can this problem be caused by the lack of a corrext time and date? Something with the radio's?
    I repair iPods as a hobby.

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    Another thing you always want to check is the clip that secures over the WiFi cable connector. If that protective clip's screw is not tight and there is any wiggle room in the clip then you will not get a solid signal. This in case if you are wondering is located down by the battery connection. I have found that this can be a problem in some of the repairs in the past.

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    I've recently had this exact problem and I've tried everything said in this forum and many others can someone please help!? what else can i do other then buy a new motherboard?

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