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Thread: Poor picture qual on JB 4S

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    Default Poor picture qual on JB 4S
    Does anyone have an opinion on this:

    Just moved from SGS2 and jailbroke my 4S.

    The quality of photos seem very poor. Sent a couple to my wife and she viewed on a PC, and said they were grainy and pixelated. Considering she had just paid for the new 4S she was not too happy. Photos on SGS2 were much better - she said!.




    P.S Very happy with 4S.
    PPS if this subject is mentioned elsewhere, then I apologize, I did a search.

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    Hi Everyone

    So just wanted to say thanks very much for your help (NOT). I t appears to me that the users of this forum are of the same mentality as those who work at Apple, namely, F*ck you.

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    Lmao very mature man. Sorry we can not answer or see every thread on the forums. A simple bump instead of a F*ck you probably would of got you a response. Anywho to answer your question. If you zoom way in on something yes its going to pixilated. Do you have HDR on? Can you post the pic your talking about. I have a 4S and a 5 and they both take great pics so unless we can see the picture its really hard to know what your talking about. Also Not to sound rude but are you sure you have a 4S? Not a 4 with spire or something on it?

    PS Just because you didnt get an instant response doesnt me with are not helpful you would experience this on any forum lol.

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    Indeed, no need to act like a c*nt, it was only 1 day without a response. Get some patience.

    Gonna need a photo to judge if there is something wrong. Bad lighting can ruin any camera.
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    You are darn lucky if you aren't banned.

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