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Thread: iPhone 4 Dropped... won't hold charge "Actvation Required" NO WIFI

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    Default iPhone 4 Dropped... won't hold charge "Actvation Required" NO WIFI

    I'm posting here hoping to get some information or at least get recommended to the proper place.

    Here's my situation... I accidentally dropped my phone while going up the stairs and it fell practically a floor...*hard fall* I had a Vapor 4 Element Case so nothing cracked thanks god. However the phone on impact turned OFF.

    I tried turning it on without luck, so then I plugged it to the AC adapter on the wall and it showed the apple logo for a long time. I unplugged it and re-plugged it back and after a while it came it works! I thought....

    1. Doesn't hold charge, turns on only while plugged in.
    2. Every time it comes on it has the "Activation Required" message, however as soon as I unlock it (typing my password) it goes away and give me "Start using iPhone" like if it has been activated.
    3. The WiFi either seemed to got disconnected or damaged because from the "Settings" it's grayed out. Couldn't get it to work.

    So my questions are the following... what should I try to replace first, what do you think I'm looking at... I haven't opened yet but I will open it and make sure everything is fine on the inside and connected properly tonight! I just thought I'd put some info here and get some extra help from such a great community!

    I also would like some options for backing up my Cydia's app... I have installed a bunch of stuff and I wouldn't want to start from scratch (even though is recommended sometimes) anyways.


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    OK, so here's what I think you should do:

    1. Backup and then restore your iPhone. You can use xBackup or PKGBackup to backup your Cydia packages. It may fix the activation issue.

    2. Take your iPhone into the Apple Store and see what they can do for you. You may get lucky if it's still under warranty. I wouldn't be shocked if something got messed up during that fall....
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    Thanks a lot for the quick reply...

    1. I will do. I heard so many things about PKGBackup but I haven't tried any of these software's.

    2. It doesnt have any warranty so this is not an option :P

    iPhone 4 32GB Factory Unlocked iOS 5.1.1

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    Good luck, be sure to tell us how it goes.
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    So I toke the phone apart... Few things were lose but I noticed the battery was damaged... I used my wife's battery off her iphone4 and guess what turns on no problems WIFI on and all good...

    Seems that just a battery replacement will do it... probably helped tighten some loose stuff but all good to go


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    Glad it's fixed
    I will no longer be very active here anymore due to a variety of reasons.

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