Hello - I recently acquired a water damaged iphone 4 verizon which does not turn on at all. The screen is completely black. I have taken the phone apart and cleaned it with electronic contact cleaner then an IPA bath and still nothing.

I have attempted to restore through itunes to the currrent software as well as using snowbreeze with making a custome firmware still nothing. upon attempting to restore I get the 1601 message. I ave modified the host file and then I get the 1394 error.

I replaced the battery as well. I have read and attempted tons and still nothing. I do not knwo whether this phone was ever JB.

If anyone has any other suggestions that would be great. Also, when the sytem is placed in DFU mode ( itunes see the iphone) does this mean that the motherboard is functional but corrupted?Where can I start with trouble shooting the motherboard?