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    Youtube will not work unless I use headphones. I have reloaded OS with stock ipsw and still having issues. Any ideas? Speakerphone works during calls...

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    Does the iPod work?

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    It is an iPhone 4 running 5.1.1 and works flawlessly besides this one peculiar thing...

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    Then is sounds like a software error to me

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    It has had the error since I got it and it had 5.0.1, now on 5.1.1. I have used Apple stock IPSW with no other programs installed... dfu, restore stock Apple IPSW, Youtube... :fail:

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    WHat happens if you pull up youtube in safari?

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    There is corrosion on the circuit board. Looks like dude sold me a working dud (oxymoron).

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandsjh View Post
    There is corrosion on the circuit board. Looks like dude sold me a working dud (oxymoron).
    Like cowboy said, it still sounds like a software issue to me. If the speaker works with everything but YouTube then there is something wrong with the YouTube app. I don't want to ask, but when you launch a video do you have the volume up? I do know that your iPhone will save settings between devices. Meaning, if your headphones are plugged in it will set itself to a certain volume but when you unplug them it will change the volume. Perhaps last time YouTube was used it somehow got muted and you may just need to move the volume bar. Just a thought.

    As far as the corrosion goes, that sucks, but if everything else is working flawlessly it must not be interfering too badly.
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    +1 Does youtube work in safari?

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