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Thread: Might be a stupid question...but I'll ask anyway

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    Default Might be a stupid question...but I'll ask anyway
    So I'm fairly new to the iPhone game, but have been working in the IT/Computer industry for about 4 years and have both an AS and BS in IT/Network engineering. Not intended to brag, but just making sure my background is understood before I get flamed for such a question.

    In the computer world, the OS is stored on the Hard drive, which has a connection to the logic board/mother board, etc. If I'm not mistaken, the iPhone (4 and 4S i'm talking about) has flash storage and not the traditional platter drive, but where is it? And where is the RAM located? The reason I'm wondering is in the event I do a logic board replacement, it would seem that if the storage is hard soldered to the board, I'd have to have a way of getting the iOS on the new board, or is it separate and a new board will just pick up where the old one left off?

    I've tried searching the web and on here but haven't gotten anything useful yet. Cheers!

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    They are hidden by some metal covers non the board taking prying up the covers reveals them

    this is an example of the iPhone 4 logic board

    Go to step 6 it explains more in detail of where each are you can also look on ifixit website and the tear down and it will show the same for all models of iPhone
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    hmm then the next question is if I were to buy a replacement logic board, say from my supplier in China, how would i get the iOS back on it, by connecting it to itunes and having it download? Or do they usually come with iOS on it?

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    Good question I am guessing it probably has it on it.

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    I wonder though...because how would they get their hands on the (legit) iOS to put on it? I wonder if anyone on here has done it and what their results are. Maybe I'll ask my supplier if I get a chance.

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    Good idea

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