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Thread: (yet another) water damaged iPhone 4S!

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    Default (yet another) water damaged iPhone 4S!
    Hey forum! Long time lurker, first time poster here. I came across a very abused iPhone 4S which has been water damaged. I have a video i made of the device after i also replaced the charging port. Basically what happens is the phone keeps going into a charge cycle when it's plugged in (for lack of a better term). I see a lot of informed and experienced people on here and was wondering what you guys think.

    Obviously, it's a little harder to narrow down the diagnosis without a working LCD. I'm expecting one to arrive tomorrow, but it doesn't look good. The phone is still recognized by itunes, which is a good sign.
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    I can't watch your video,

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    Have you taken it apart and cleaned out all the corrosion?

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    Well, the charging sound "loop" was caused from not having a digitizer/LCD connected lol, I felt pretty stupid on that one. Even still, I wasn't able to get any life out of the display when a new one was installed, even after cleaning the corrosion.

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    Replaced battery?

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    Ok! Clean mother board with gas zippo.and dry..

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    I'm sorry, gas zippo?

    And locobans, the battery was the first thing I replaced. It was less water damaged and more koolaid damaged lol

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    sorry.mean lighter fluid...use toothbrush clean main board and all sockets cornnect with lighter safety and quick dry...

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