Hi all,

Hoping you can help. I have a friend with a 3GS that stopped working. It'll start the boot process, get as far as the Apple logo, and then shut off. Every time. He's not terribly concerned about the phone, but it has some very sentimental photos on it (which unfortunately weren't backed up).

He sent the phone to a recommended outfit in California that determined it was a "mechanical problem with the power supply" and wanted well over $1,000 to retrieve the data. Opting not the pay the fee, he got the phone back and attempted a battery replacement which didn't solve the problem.

One idea we have is to swap his main board into another 3GS to see if that'll boot. I suppose the theory here is that the "power supply" component that apparently is broken may not be on the main board and perhaps another phone could power up this main board properly.

Has anyone done this? Is there any risk that the data would get wiped? Are there any serial numbers that are verified during boot and may initiate a format if they don't match (or DFU mode, or something else that can't be recovered from without a restore)?

I think he'll pay the money to get the photos off if he needs to. But he feels a little ripped off by the company and wants to make sure all the options are considered.

Thanks for any help that you can provide,